C60 & your Health

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Amazing Health Benefits Of C60 In Humans

Many studies have been carried out to experiment what Carbon-60 (C60) can do. Countless studies successfully reported that Carbon-60 carries many potentialities in several fields of medicine and biology.

This article will show you four amazing health benefits of this super compound. Let’s see them.

  1. Improves bones health and protects cartilage

Lets reason together. Where can you go without bones? Nowhere, right? So, you should protect your bones. C60 will help you develop strong bones and protect your cartilage.

One of the studies reported that when Carbon-60 was injected in the ankles of arthritic rats, it prevented bone damage and bone resorption.

Other researches showed that this carbon molecule did not only make bones strong but also protected bone cartilage. Surprisingly, rabbits that had osteoarthritis in their knees were saved from dying off or aging prematurely of their cartilage. Again, their cartilage level increased while reduced enzymes that are prone to destroying it.

 In another study, Carbon-60 proved to be superior when it comes to hyaluronic acid- stuff that surrounds the cartilage in our joints and which is commonly used in osteoarthritis treatment. It’s not only used in treating osteoarthritis but also osteoporosis.

  • Prevents neuron from Apoptosis and may reverse Alzheimer’s disease

Apoptosis simply means the death of cells. And it’s this condition that C60 serves to protect against the nerve cells.

It remains the fact that neurons die and generated each new day in the body of a healthy human. However, when it comes to Alzheimer disease together with other neurodegenerative disorder, more than standard neurons die, resulting in cognitive decrease, memory loss, and several other problems.

One of the studies where human neurons were cultured and combined with neuro-deadly excitotoxins gave amazing results. Carbon-60 protected those cells from apoptosis between 50-80%. That’s cool.

The fact that C60 is not toxic to the brain or nervous system makes it very promising in treating neurodegenerative disease as well as cognitive decline.  Again, this carbon compound enhances the growth of new neurons.

Carbon 60 Moleecule
  • Restrains tumor growth

This is one of the incredible discoveries. It has been found that C60 prevents breast cancer cells from communicating with a certain bone marrow stem cells. It’s this kind of communication that results in fast-spreading of cancer.

It was discovered that Carbon-60 corrects MAPK-ERK pathways (a way through which nucleus and cells engage in the surface, acting as a switch. So, this compound keeps the switch open to prevent the formation of cancer. As if that’s not enough, C60 corrects another vital anti-tumor pathway called Nf-kB pathway.

  • Enhances hair growth

One study found that buckyball C60 olive oil can stimulate hair growth. In disbelief, a certain Japanese company carried a clinical test to confirm that. And guess what? The results were surprising. They found that 2% of C60 containing tonic increased hair growth rate by 16%. They deduced that C60 protected the cells surrounding the hair follicle from stress.

Again, another published study in “Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine” showed that C60 increased hair growth maintained in a culture. Another place to visit & learn about these carbon compounds is at Wiki here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C70_fullerene

Now you know what you need if you want to improve your bone health and protect your cartilage, enhance air growth, inhibit tumor growth, and prevent apoptosis- C60 is the ultimate choice.